A place for  the vegans  and researchers of the vegan diet. Traveling and enjoy the green food. You will easy emerge with nature and its inter connectivity.

Vegantourfun has  launched its first service  in Viet Nam and in the Southeast of Asia. With sightseeing of the the countryside that you have not ever  seen anywhere else,and  the especially local activites will make you feel curious and excited. The beauty of Viet Nam will be forever in your heart. There will be many special tours just for you, the vegan people all around the world.  We are always welcome you whole heartedly.Traveling and more,.. you will find out  this is your true trip in your life. The interesting things will come and  bring comfort to you.

The programs : Sightseeings, camping, Folk games, Historical traveling,events   …

What will you get?    

  • Good services
  • The cheapest price
  • Finding a good job( temporarily or long time-)
  • Great experiences
  • And be a good friendship with vegantourfun forever( with priority for all)

We are one, We are a family!! Let’s join in our home!!! Vegantourfun house.

If you are planning to visit Viet Nam, don’t hesitate to contact with us.